In conversation with Tencent Sports

In conversation with Tencent Sports, Downs revealed that he still has an idol, that is Bryant. Downs was born in 1995, Kobe Bryant into the NBA in 1996, Downs was a Kobe Bryant fans. When Downs grew into the NBA draft pick, opened the first year of NBA career, it is Bryant NBA career bid farewell to the season. Downs got the opportunity to clash with the idol, in three games against each other, Downs averaged 18 points and 12 rebounds, Bryant averaged 24.3 points, the three ball Tangs unforgettable precious experience Kevin Bieksa Jersey. Cavaliers lack of Thomas, a small All-Star player, the Warriors is the lack of Curry such number one star. Whether in the game against the Nuggets, or today's match against the Cavaliers, the Warriors are very urgent Curry comeback. The third quarter to 3 minutes and 32 seconds, the Warriors fast break counterattack, Bell ball game should be, Clement - Thompson Road cut, take Claude Jamie McGinn Jersey, to McCall formed a completely vacant third, even as McCaw shot Not in In today's game, McCormick dropped a total of four vacant three points Sami Vatanen Jersey, the audience voted 4 in 10 games Ilya Bryzgalov Jersey, including a number of basket over the basket, there is a ball slot to sell the ball, the young man's recent state really Too bad. If McCaw replaced Curry, the Warriors today's attack will enhance at least two grades - they will be more organized and offensive starting point, more than a perversion of the third point, the overall offensive enough to collapse any one of the Union team.
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Kobe Bryant NBA career 20 years

Kobe Bryant NBA career 20 years dedicated to the Lakers, led 5 times to win the championship, his No. 8 and No. 24 jerseys were retired in the Lakers honor, Downs eager to be able to do like Bryant. "They (KG, Duncan and Kobe Bryant) are legendary and I set myself the goal of becoming a player like them," Downs said. "I want to be able to win championships more than once in my career Dany Heatley Jersey. Get so many championship rings, which is what I expect to achieve at the end of my basketball career. Comprehensive air cut and pick and roll two cases, Capella are among them, he is also the highest comprehensive player Shea Theodore Jersey, "cake king," the name of a veritable name. And not only do both have the best combined score Jacob Larsson Jersey, but Capella's efficiency is also top in the league, and it is still only played 25 minutes a game, no wonder the recent 2K in the ability value has risen to 87 in the center Sixth place John Gibson Jersey.
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The Downs on the court was fierce

The Downs on the court was fierce, but the Downs outside the stadium were friendly, both in the media and with the fans, and both were very friendly and did not have big shelves, not only in the United States but abroad in this way. During the Chinese race in 2017, Tencent Sports followed Downs China. Officials and sponsors of the NBA arranged fans activities. As soon as Downes finished an event, he was about to go to the next venue, from morning to night, but as long as he and fans Together, it will be full of energy Nate Thompson Jersey, especially with children playing games Josh Manson Jersey, Downs happily enjoyed themselves. After the absence of Curry, the Warriors offensive indeed a substantial decline. During the 2017-18 season, the Warriors team's offensive efficiency as high as 122.1 during the Curiosity Warriors, 5.8 more shots per 100 possessions, more than 2.3 three-pointers, hit rate can be increased 8.6%, three-point hit rate can be increased 3 Ondrej Kase Jersey.1%. Curry did not break the ankle before the war, the Warriors averaged points, net victory points and offensive efficiency are the highest in the league, beat the Rockets, after the truce these three figures he has been beyond the rocket. The Warriors averaged 118.5 points in 25 games in Curry, 107 points per game for opponents, 11.5 points per game for Warriors, and the Warriors ranked first in the league in averaging and scoring points. After the Cuban truce, the Warriors averaging 104.1 points, the opponent averaged 98.3 points, the Warriors averaged 5.8 points per game. Warriors have no curiosity, they are two teams - Curry offensive and defensive are good, can rely on the offensive crush opponents, there is no more dependent on the library defensive (see the author Ryan Getzlaf Jersey, "Warriors no room can still beat Knight Duran Special offset James "article).
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The Lakers started their training camps

Bryant and O'Neal's attitude is very clear, they are eager to accept Jackson's advice. The Lakers started their training camps in 1999-00 to show the momentum of a successful city. "Our previous experience in the playoffs was frustrating, and although we have a lot of talented players, we are never able to reach our full potential," Fisher said. "When the team decided to hire Phil and his coach After the team, we all played the spirit.I have never seen everyone so absorbed, no matter what Phil said, no matter what he let us do, we are as obedient children in kindergarten. Wal-Mart is hard to blow Irving Sam Steel Jersey, both in the first half performance is not good, Irwin 9 voted 3 to get 8 points and 4 assists, Wall 10 vote 4 to get 8 points and 6 assists. But Wall bully Owen's bench, with 2:19 left in the second quarter when he faced Smart on the left-hand side. I saw Wall shipped up one step Jamie McGinn Jersey, suddenly shifted to the bottom line along the bottom line breakthrough, his change is obviously to lose the center of gravity of Smart, so when Wall killed the restricted area line, Smart was He fell to the ground after having physical contact with his teammate. Such Wall, it seems like a racing driver on the basketball court Chris Stewart Jersey, his driving car can always surpass rival Sami Vatanen Jersey.

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