The Downs on the court was fierce

The Downs on the court was fierce, but the Downs outside the stadium were friendly, both in the media and with the fans, and both were very friendly and did not have big shelves, not only in the United States but abroad in this way. During the Chinese race in 2017, Tencent Sports followed Downs China. Officials and sponsors of the NBA arranged fans activities. As soon as Downes finished an event, he was about to go to the next venue, from morning to night, but as long as he and fans Together, it will be full of energy Nate Thompson Jersey, especially with children playing games Josh Manson Jersey, Downs happily enjoyed themselves. After the absence of Curry, the Warriors offensive indeed a substantial decline. During the 2017-18 season, the Warriors team's offensive efficiency as high as 122.1 during the Curiosity Warriors, 5.8 more shots per 100 possessions, more than 2.3 three-pointers, hit rate can be increased 8.6%, three-point hit rate can be increased 3 Ondrej Kase Jersey.1%. Curry did not break the ankle before the war, the Warriors averaged points, net victory points and offensive efficiency are the highest in the league, beat the Rockets, after the truce these three figures he has been beyond the rocket. The Warriors averaged 118.5 points in 25 games in Curry, 107 points per game for opponents, 11.5 points per game for Warriors, and the Warriors ranked first in the league in averaging and scoring points. After the Cuban truce, the Warriors averaging 104.1 points, the opponent averaged 98.3 points, the Warriors averaged 5.8 points per game. Warriors have no curiosity, they are two teams - Curry offensive and defensive are good, can rely on the offensive crush opponents, there is no more dependent on the library defensive (see the author Ryan Getzlaf Jersey, "Warriors no room can still beat Knight Duran Special offset James "article).
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