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In conversation with Tencent Sports, Downs revealed that he still has an idol, that is Bryant. Downs was born in 1995, Kobe Bryant into the NBA in 1996, Downs was a Kobe Bryant fans. When Downs grew into the NBA draft pick, opened the first year of NBA career, it is Bryant NBA career bid farewell to the season. Downs got the opportunity to clash with the idol, in three games against each other, Downs averaged 18 points and 12 rebounds, Bryant averaged 24.3 points, the three ball Tangs unforgettable precious experience Kevin Bieksa Jersey. Cavaliers lack of Thomas, a small All-Star player, the Warriors is the lack of Curry such number one star. Whether in the game against the Nuggets, or today's match against the Cavaliers, the Warriors are very urgent Curry comeback. The third quarter to 3 minutes and 32 seconds, the Warriors fast break counterattack, Bell ball game should be, Clement - Thompson Road cut, take Claude Jamie McGinn Jersey, to McCall formed a completely vacant third, even as McCaw shot Not in In today's game, McCormick dropped a total of four vacant three points Sami Vatanen Jersey, the audience voted 4 in 10 games Ilya Bryzgalov Jersey, including a number of basket over the basket, there is a ball slot to sell the ball, the young man's recent state really Too bad. If McCaw replaced Curry, the Warriors today's attack will enhance at least two grades - they will be more organized and offensive starting point, more than a perversion of the third point, the overall offensive enough to collapse any one of the Union team.
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